1. IPhone_Man4u's Avatar

    Does anyone have the APN setting for Visual Voicemail? i have read in google some say wap.cingular some say acds.voicemail
    none give a fa sure setting and no username or password
    my MMS works fine and my internet is working fine just no VVM
    any help would be welcomed
    2009-09-11 03:25 PM
  2. mr.sparky's Avatar
    I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure you need the iphone data plan
    Steroids are yummy
    2009-09-11 03:42 PM
  3. gQstatus05's Avatar

    This will probably disable your tethering. I would call in and make sure you have visual voicemail as a feature on your account.

    No username
    No password
    Android user suffering from iPhone withdraw.
    2009-09-11 04:04 PM
  4. IPhone_Man4u's Avatar
    Thanks guys, i do have a data plan just not the Iphone data plan, and i do believe your right qQ cause i didnt sign up for it, i guess it only came with the iphone data plan
    2009-09-11 04:44 PM
  5. gQstatus05's Avatar
    Only with iPhone data plan. Once added it will provision the appropriate APN on your account. If you don't have the plan it won't work unless you use a third party visual voicemail source.
    Android user suffering from iPhone withdraw.
    2009-09-11 06:32 PM
  6. techierob's Avatar
    Agree. Only Iphone data plans allow VVM on it. Worth the 15 extra dollars? I think NOT! Ohh and tethering ROCKS. Don't mess with that. updating to 3.1 will disable it FYI. works fine up till 3.0.1
    2009-09-12 03:27 AM
  7. IPhone_Man4u's Avatar
    ok thanks gQ
    2009-09-12 04:05 AM
  8. L00i3's Avatar
    If you are using an iphone without the iphone data plan, it's not gonna matter whether you think the charge is worth it or not if/when at&t notices and just adds it to your plan.
    2009-09-12 05:16 AM
  9. techierob's Avatar
    If you are using an iphone without the iphone data plan, it's not gonna matter whether you think the charge is worth it or not if/when at&t notices and just adds it to your plan.
    Could you imagine if AT&T really could just add or change plans at will? Think of the chaos and the lawsuits!! And think of the time spent resource wise of all the SIM swappers out there. Not just us Iphone users but the blackberries etc.. I'd be surprised if even 85percent of the IMEI's actually match the original acct phone. They have every right to block my phone from using data on the wrong device but NEVER can they change or add to my plan!
    2009-09-12 08:34 AM
  10. L00i3's Avatar
    I agree it's a crappy (haha, haven't seen a language filter in a while) policy, but I am just going by what it says in the contract I signed, and what it says right on their website. Granted, I have only been with at&t for about a month or something, so I don't know how old the policy is. But I imagine anyone that upgrades and has to sign a new contract will have to agree to it as well, if they haven't in the past.

    Link to Source PLAN TERMS | AT&T
    Data Plans: An eligible data plan is required for certain devices including iPhone and other designated Smartphones and PDA's. Eligible data plans cover data usage in the U.S. and do not cover international data usage and charges. If it is determined that you are using iPhone or other designated Smartphone or PDA without an eligible data plan, AT&T reserves the right to add an eligible data plan to your account and bill you the appropriate monthly fee. Use of iPhone 3G to access corporate email, company intranet sites, and/or other business applications requires an Enterprise Data Plan for iPhone. For applicable rates, terms and conditions, see AT&T Business Plans for iPhone 3G brochure.
    2009-09-12 02:46 PM
  11. gQstatus05's Avatar
    I was just about to copy and past that legal form. People all over MMi assume that they can file a lawsuit. AT&T protects themselves and have very good lawyers so you can't get around them.
    Android user suffering from iPhone withdraw.
    2009-09-12 11:17 PM
  12. jackiemae's Avatar
    Id like to see them try...hellooo..
    I am so sick of ATT thinking that they dictate the cellular industry. I paid 300$ for my iphone, have been w att for 5 yrs and strait up told them-I use different phones for different reasons. They conned me into purchasing the iphone to begin with by telling me all the great features it CAME with..which of course was not true and at this point in time stil isnt.
    So,I gave them a piece of my mind in short, and had my 'plan' configured so that i can do the things i need...no i dont have vvm but i dont care.
    my contract ends in 3 days and im out...
    2009-09-14 03:04 AM
  13. gQstatus05's Avatar
    First off as a consumer it is YOUR responsibility when it comes to making smart buying choices. Nobody put a gun to your head and told you to buy the iPhone. This website contains reviews and a lot of users who have 2 cents to give. Next time make sure you research the product before you buy it. I never in my life will walk into an AT&T store and have someone talk me into a phone. I know what I want.
    Android user suffering from iPhone withdraw.
    2009-09-14 03:54 AM
  14. cpjr's Avatar
    ^Lol, +1

    Boy where did you come from
    2009-09-14 03:56 AM
  15. jackiemae's Avatar
    scuse me.
    God-I thought this was a forum-you know- a place where we could say how we feel..
    sounds like you need an adjustment. If I can't speak freely on how I feel without some **** attacking me-what's the point..you're an ***.
    2009-09-14 05:28 AM
  16. techierob's Avatar
    Under my online acct it also has this. I'm making screen shots of this as we speak. This is under a picture of the Iphone 3g that I'm using. You have any idea how many class actions AT&T has lost over the years? They will lose this one if they go and change accts at will. Now lets all just sit back and wait for ONE person to report that there acct was changed. No use arguing about something that hasn't happened.

    Mobile Web Packages Bundled Features PRICE TEXT DATA SELECT
    Web Users Data Unlimited
    AT&T Recommends $15.00 N/A Unlimited Current
    I no longer want to add this feature $0.00 --- --- No Thanks
    2009-09-14 06:42 AM
  17. cpjr's Avatar
    Guess people are never going to stop complaining about this.

    There's no difference between the iphone and a blackberry for example....which they require a data plan with as well.

    And ATT's not the only carrier that does it....Verizon is exactly the same.
    2009-09-14 06:58 AM
  18. L00i3's Avatar
    ^^^ as is sprint. That's the reason I had their simply everything plan when I had my samsung ace. Cuz I had to get a data plan for a smartphone. The plan kicked ***. The phone, unfortunately, did not.
    2009-09-14 07:05 AM
  19. IPhone_Man4u's Avatar
    Well I sold my iPhone that I first started my account with and bought a regular Nokia phone kept it for a month and then I bought the the 3GS off of Craigslist and put my sim in and got the unlimited text/data plan so I'm good and I dare AT&T to try and put me on an iPhone data plan when I didn't buy my phone from them
    2009-09-14 12:59 PM
  20. jackiemae's Avatar
    Thanks for the insight. I changed my plan from the iphone data to web/messaging unlimited and have access to everything, including mms.
    the vvm i can live without for now.
    2009-09-14 06:47 PM
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