1. erix920's Avatar
    I have the original iPhone that came out in 2007 (the edge one) and am going to sell it since its been in a case its whole life and is in good condition.

    I tried to switch in the persons sim card and it said "Please connect to iTunes to activate". Does this mean that he will have to get the additional $20/month data plan? The whole plan was to just switch the sims and use everything except for Edge but I guess you can't do this?
    2009-10-01 11:02 PM
  2. karloz25's Avatar
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    2009-10-01 11:47 PM
  3. erix920's Avatar
    Unlock it and Jailbreakbreak it.

    By unocking it, it won't need to be acticated through iTunes.

    I bought a used 2G a month back and it wanted me to activate it.

    I had a Family Talk $10/month Data Plan (NON-IPHONE PLAN)

    And then I jailbroked/Unlocked it and just put my sim in and it worked great..
    Thanks for the info .
    2009-10-02 12:20 AM
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