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  1. x_IMMORTAL_x's Avatar
    I just bought a new Iphone 3Gs to replace a old 3G. Im on a family plan with AT&T, 1 phone is a Samsung & the other is my Iphone. When I got home I put my sim from the samsung Phone into my old Iphone 3G and it seems to work just fine.I made a few calls and it works as it should. The question is will I be charged for using Data on my old Iphone with the SIM from the Samsung phone, Like using the safari browser?

    I have the Unlimited Sms/MMS package already so I dont think I will be charged for using texts. I just dont wanna go crazy using the Safari Browser & using Data then get a huge bill for it. does anyone know if AT&T will notice the SIM has been put into a Iphone and just automaticly add the $30.00 iphone Data plan to my bill?

    I had the old Iphone 3G jailbreak/Unlock with Balckra1n if that helps any running on firmware 3.1.2

    Thx in advance
    2010-01-13 07:11 AM
  2. funcritter's Avatar
    The iPhone is designed to work with a data plan and will consume data without you even knowing it. Push notifications, email, internet with Safari, weather and stock apps plus numerous other app store apps use data and access the internet. You say you are on a family plan and if that plan doesn't have a data plan attached to it, you are likely to get a huge bill using the iPhone.

    I have never heard of AT&T adding on a data plan without ones consent but of course there may be exceptions to that that I have never heard about. I have personally used a 3G and 3GS with an original iPhone data plan for almost a year and never had AT&T change me to the 3G data plan. They just occasionally sent me warning SMS and that was it. I ignored those.

    You can jailbreak your iPhone and install an add-on called SBSetings that allows you to turn off data so that you won't get a huge surprise bill.
    2010-01-13 09:55 AM
  3. x_IMMORTAL_x's Avatar
    Thanks for the heads up i'll try using the sbs app to cut out data usage.Thx
    2010-01-13 10:03 PM
  4. Ok_Abacus's Avatar
    yea I was wondering the same thing. I have a 2G with Tmo right now and no data (don't want/need it) and I'm gonna be switching to ATT next week. I'm gonna get a 3Gs off eBay and use that, but I wanted to make sure they wouldn't detect it and add data onto my family plan. I figure as long as I use Boss prefs to shut data off and have ATT put a block on data use, I'm good.
    2010-01-23 10:58 PM