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    i have an iphone 3G. its jailbroken and im on AT&T but i dont have an iphone contract, i do however have a data plan through at&T. i have had internet on my iphone and i did it through going to a website through my iphone browser but i cant remember what the website was. i just need a little help with memory. thanks guys im on 3.1.3.
    2010-02-18 05:53 PM
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    benm.at/help or unlockit.co.nz are the two sites I know of that do APN changes via mobileconfig files.

    Then there's using IPCC files, which are more permanent and can be done by modifications by using a zip/unzip tool and a plist/text editor. For IPCC files, you might PM StelthBravo about one for AT&T non-iPhone plans.
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    2010-02-19 04:07 AM