1. Griff1220's Avatar
    Well, Im in a pickle..
    My friend for a while was using an iphone 3g without a data plan, few months later att caught on and forced him to buy the plan or rwlinquish the phone. So, he took out his SIM card and got a new phone however att told him "If we catch anyone else using this iphone without a data plan we will charge both you and whoever is using it."

    Heres my question, is that true? is att monitering the iphone waiting for it to be activated so it sends them an alert and they charge both my friend and i? or are the bluffing.

    I dont mind if i get caught, i just dont want them charing my friend for me using his old iphone. Should I be worried or should i just go on and use it?
    2010-04-13 08:29 AM
  2. Imahottguy's Avatar
    That's bullocks. They can and will charge anyone who is using an iPhone without a data package. They cannot charge your friend if someone else is using that iPhone on another contract.
    And it will be like a taco inside a taco within a Taco Bell that's inside a KFC that's within a mall that's inside your dream!
    2010-04-15 07:33 AM