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    After reading the post on the main board I checked my upgrade status online then followed through with a call to AT&T. My iphone is barely over a year old, my wifes is 6 months old and my other line is a 1st gen but on a new contract. They bumped 3 of my 4 lines up way ahead of schedule for the new iphone. My line was bumped up to a full upgrade at any time with a 400 discount. My other two lines were bumped up to partial iphone upgrades with a 200 discount for both lines. Finally AT&T has done some very right. I would recomend everyone checking or even calling AT&T and see if your lines are ready for the new iphone.CANT WAIT!!!
    2010-05-19 07:28 PM
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    If you are nice to them and catch them on a nice day they will "force" upgrade for you. I do this all the time. I have 4 lines and I get many "forced" upgrades. I have been a customer with them for over 8+ years.
    2010-05-20 12:32 AM
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    If you are nice to them and catch them on a nice day they will "force" upgrade for you. I do this all the time. I have 4 lines and I get many "forced" upgrades. I have been a customer with them for over 8+ years.
    I was going to make a new thread, but decided to post here if that's alright.

    I have been an AT&T customer for 13.5 years. It was my first cellphone and line of credit when i turned 18 long ago. I have always been a perfect customer and paid on time 100% all these years.

    When I got an Iphone in July of 2008, i was eligible for upgrade pricing and got the discount. the phone was $300
    Last year for the 3GS, I was NOT eligible and paid $400 for my 16gig.

    Now, everybody has been talking about their dates changing earlier, and mine still says February 2011 !!! How is that possible if I get an upgrade every two years and didn't use it last year?

    So I called AT&T just now to ask why, and she basically told me that because I didn't buy it at FULL non-contract price last year for the 3GS, Then I'm not eligible this year....

    I told her that I have been a valued customer for over 13 years, and this is not right that I have to pay non-discounted pricing two years in a row for this new phone, and if I did not get it, then I will not be buying the new iPhone. So in turn, I will not be renewing my long time contract with AT&T since they seem to be screwing me over.

    What the heck is going on ? Am I missing something on why I didn't get a discount last year and why I cannot get one this year? Why does my date show February 2011 when I used the discount back in July 2008?

    Thanks all for any feedback help you can provide.
    2010-05-25 11:39 PM
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    Do you have a ATT store near you? It is always best to deal with them because most of the times they are nice and can force upgrades. The call centers more than likely will avoid that. The key is to be nice and maybe BS a little. The guys at my ATT store know me pretty well from all the phones I buy and all the stuff I talk about with them on the upcoming phones and existing.
    2010-05-26 01:06 AM
  5. Rescuer's Avatar
    I do, so I'll have to go there.

    I just don't get why I had an upgrade two years ago, none last year, but still can't get it this year. just doesn't seem right
    2010-05-26 01:15 AM
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    Just called and my eligible upgrade date is 6/20/10 -- yippee!
    2010-05-30 12:28 AM
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    Mine still never changed... bummer for me! I hope someone gets a fb page going with tons of people responding to it again this year so we can all upgrade again if we bought our phones within a couple of months from the release date like last year....

    So don't get to upgrade until 2011
    Bought the iPad wifi because I didn't have 3G in Michigan when I left in Oct.
    Came back to Michigan last week and now we have 3G which is good but sucks for my iPad
    And while in Florida I have crappy service and could not use my phone for seven months unless I drove a mile away

    Its call frustrated...
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    2010-05-30 04:28 AM
  8. graveydellic's Avatar
    Where on the ATT site can see you upgrade status? I am on the account page, and clicked for upgrades. My family's phones are all listed, with links that say upgrade eligibility, but when you click on those it just goes to ATT phones and devices for shopping. I just want to see a date.
    2010-06-03 09:13 PM
  9. Cer0's Avatar
    If it goes to listing phones I think that they are ready for upgrades. If they weren't it would give a date.
    2010-06-04 01:10 AM
  10. eballesq's Avatar
    @graveydellic: I called. I don't think just because they're showing you phones means you can upgrade. If you were to select a phone, then it probably shows you whatever price you're eligible for.
    2010-06-04 11:49 AM