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    Hoping some of you experts can help me out here...

    My wife currently has a 3G, I've got a 3GS. I'm eligible for upgrade on 6/20 so I'm going for the 4G/HD/whatever-they-end-up-calling-it.

    Question: can I "upgrade" my wife to my 3GS by simply swapping out her SIM card? Will all of her contacts/apps/info switch over with a clean restore using her old SIM?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I would back up both iPhones then restore the 3gs then swap sims then hook the 3gs back to iTunes and restore it from ur wifes back up file cause like u I went from a 3g to the s and my wife got my 3g it seems like all they did was pop her sim in and went I'm not 100% sure that's there are any other steps but I hope u get it going ok

    One more thing if and when u do move to the 4(whatever) if u get it strait from the AT&T store just bring ur wife with u and they can do it for u for no charge but I would still back up both iPhones befor doing anything
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