1. ianbroste's Avatar
    I've tried sending a few mms to my gf and sometimes she gets this message instead of the picture.

    "One or more of the message components have been deleted by MMS Adaptation. Either the message was too large or the components were unsuitable for your terminal."

    This has only started happening since I got my iPhone 4. She has a 3gs 3.1.3 spirit jb. This has happened with both a screen shot and a picture taken with the phone. I can receive mms from her but it takes some time.

    What could be causing this problem?
    Have they released the jailbreak in the app store yet?
    2010-06-29 10:04 AM
  2. bftiedt's Avatar
    I was having the same problem with my wifes phone. she had a blackberry and was trying to send me a pic and i would get that message on my iphone. She finally realized what it was . What fixed it for us was the pics that wouldnt go through were set to highest quality . She lowered the quality to medium and they went through jut fine.
    2010-07-03 05:09 AM
  3. canecop's Avatar
    I'm having the same problem with my iPhone 4 sending them to ppl that have iPhone 3G. Is there a way to change the picture resolution on the iPhone 4?
    2010-08-04 02:52 AM