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    I called ATT as the current Tmobile unlocked and jailbroken iphones I have are too much of a pain. Yes it works but there are just too many things to tweak with. As example I only get EDGE with tmobile so really the data is very slow that I dont even use it. Skype complains that is not a supported version. The MMS piece sometimes does not work cannot send or receive pictures. I thought about it for a while now and really the only advantage I am getting from tmobile is price with unlimited text, talk and data at $140 for 2 lines. So there is functionality that cannot be used with tmobile. Really my iphone becames a expensive ipod touch. To make it even worst the 3G models I have are a Pentium.

    Knowing all these I call ATT to see what kind of plan/pricing they have. I was like 1 hour on the phone with 2 reps and a supervisor explaining that if they can do $150 for unlimited talk and text and 2 GB data I will sign up with them. I told them my arguments that they do not have to subsidize me as the iphones are paid for and out of contract. They kept telling me all kinds of plans, rollover, A list, and so on I said I am not interesed. I said you rather lose a paying customer at $150 a month than lose $50 a month. The unlimited text and talk and 2 GB data with contract is $200 for 2 lines.

    I told them I will go to Verizon since they do not appreciate and they are not flexible on the price I rather pay Verizon $210 unlimited everything.

    It really sucks the way business is run in US it just goes to show that all is driven by the lobbyist and the customer when it comes to the bigger carrier has no choice.
    2011-02-08 08:21 PM