1. RGee's Avatar
    mobile to mobile adds free mobile to mobile calling and texting
    hold up am i understanding this right? this new add on
    not only gives you unlimited sms but also unlimited minutes to
    call from your cell phone to any other cell phone on any carrier? if so im changing on the quickness which is basically free add on this is a good offer since everyone i know has a cell phone lol
    but am i right or im just reading wrong?
    2011-03-02 02:44 AM
  2. souljerr's Avatar
    u r 100% correct

    plan gives u unlimited texting and unlimited mobile to ANY mobile as of Feb 10. It was ATT's way of competing with verizon on the day of the iphone release.
    2011-03-02 12:26 PM
  3. Bluemoldycheeze88's Avatar
    Unlimited mobile to mobile on any network is really nice feature. Only use minutes when you call landlines or phone sex lines =/. Oh well thank ATT for rollover minutes right.
    2011-03-03 06:20 AM
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