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    First off I would like to know the difference in technology between HSPA+ and HSDPA and HSUPA. I know HSDPA stands for "High Speed Down-link Packet Access". So I"m amusing HSPA+ stands for "HIGH SPEED PACKET ACCESS PLUS".

    I have an iPhone 3gs. Now with that said I'm wondering what technologies the iPhone utilizes on at&t's network, does it use HSPA+ or HSDPA?

    My friend has an iphone 4 and we tested our 3g network speed with SPEEDTEST.NET and XTREAM SPEED TEST LAB. His iPhone 4 always got a faster 3g speed, i got around 1.2 Mbp/s and he got around 2.4 Mbps. I've heard that the iphone 4 uses hsupa.

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    Here's pretty much the gist of it:

    No current iPhone or iPad has HSPA+, but that might change in the near future.

    HSDPA (High Speed downlink packet access) allows for higher speeds than standard UTMS (WCDMA) when downloading. All 3G-capable iPhones/iPads have HSDPA.
    HSUPA (High Speed uplink packet access) allows for higher speed uploads than UTMS. So far, only the iPhone 4 has HSUPA. It doesn't help downloading and wouldn't really affect download speed testing.
    HSPA+ (Evolved HSPA) is an extension of HSUPA and HSDPA to allow even higher speeds (current phones with HSPA+ only get up to 21Mbps, but there's plans to get it up to 84Mbps down/22Mbps up). The most recent devices with HSPA+ are T-Mobile's '4G' handsets and at&t's more recent laptop connect devices.

    As far as why the iPhone4 gets better speeds: it probably is due to the hardware differences. Apple put in a new baseband chip in the iPhone 4, and it may have a better ability to reduce cellular network noise and other issues. That can lead to increased speeds vs. other iDevices. Another difference is the antenna location, having the antenna on the outer ring rather than inside the base (the case with the older iPhones) might allow for a [slightly] better pickup of the cell signal.
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    thanks for clearing up things. I upgraded from 4.1 to 4.2.1 which was the firmware that my friends iphone 4 was on and i think the speeds are a little more even.

    oh yeah and also is HSDPA and HSU{A considered HSPA?
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