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  1. tiara143's Avatar
    I Have Bought An 8g Brand New Iphone And The Volume On That Is Very Low. And My Settings On The Iphone Is Set On Max Volume And Is Still Low.
    Is There Anythiing I Can Do To Fix That Problem..
    2008-03-19 08:56 AM
  2. desepticon's Avatar
    there is a volume boost hack on installer from the iClarified source. Make sure you install the one for your particular firmware. Try that.

    also, I have heard that sticking a few needle pricks into the speaker can help increase volume (its the left grill). don't worry, it wont effect the speaker itself as it is recessed in the handset. Theres a little screen in there that blocks some volume from getting out.
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    2008-03-19 01:20 PM