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    I can't get my data to work on an unlocked (Rogers Canada) iPhone 4S with gophone.

    I have tried all the different APN combos and settings but I can't get the internet to work.

    MMS work, so I now it doesnt have data block.

    Anyone know what tyhe proper ones are? I know the 4G/HSPA+ wont work, but I at least need Edge data?

    Thanks in advance!!
    2012-05-29 07:45 PM
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    I'm having a bit of a fluke with my 3gs go phone. For a while I had data changed my apn with unlockit everything was working great. This month half way through the month unless I'm using wifi I can't load any apps that need data (twitter,instagram etc) I can still receive MMS messages so I have plenty of data left, just non of my apps will run off the 3g. I tried removing and reinstalling the APN from unlockit didn't work. Has anyone else experienced this/ know how to rectify this?
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    2012-06-14 03:30 PM
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    I am getting a iPhone 4 and I want to use a GoPhone sim card in it. I will need data and texting mainly. If I get the unlimited $50 a month plan will I need to change my APN and will it be 3G data? It says "Note: Data Packages are only available on the $25 and $50 Monthly Rate Plans. Smartphone users must buy a data feature package in order to use data services." Does that mean I need to get the 1Gb a month data plan or can I use the $50 a month plan?
    2012-06-15 05:12 AM
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    It's a smartphone, you'll need a separate data plan. The "free" data is only on the dumb phones because they know they use very little.

    If you don't intend to make phone calls I'd skip the $50 a month plan and just buy data and $5 texting each month.
    2012-06-17 06:11 PM
  5. mytran80's Avatar
    My mms is not working on my iPhone 5 with a prepaid account , the mms was working fine on the iPhone 4 ,anybody know a remedy for this issue ? I have the $25 a month plan , everything works fine on the iPhone 5 except mms
    2012-09-25 07:37 AM
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    Havong a problem with my MMS. I had everything working on my 3gs gophone until I installed the IOS 6 update. I can still get MMS messages from other iphones but cannot sent or receive from anyone else. I removed and reinstalled my APN. Does it have something to do with the VPN this time? Data is working I use other apps on my 3g. It's only the MMS. I did everything I didn last time to get it working and it's not. Any insight would be appreciated
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    2012-10-02 06:30 PM
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    minor twist to the convo: once the conversion is complete, how can i port my old verizon number to the att number?

    hah! went to the att store in my neighborhood and they sold me a prepaid *micro* sim card. i'm hoping it just works right off the bat. will get my phone tomorrow and put this to the test.

    then i'll just have to port my number.

    micro sim is installed and fully functioning. no problem.
    now to port my verizon number and i'm *done*.

    called the att port center and started the process at 4pm
    by 8pm it hadn't completed. called back and they did a little hocus pocus.
    now the port is complete outgoing is the ported number.
    accepts incoming calls to the ported number.

    all in all a bloodless coup. simplest path to completion.
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    2012-10-12 05:37 PM
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    hoping for help- Interested in unlocking my iphone 4, but a couple months ago att realized I was using an iphone on my gophone plan and took away my SMS capability. If I unlock, will they still prevent me from using a data plan? Just trying to figure out the best and cheapest way to get my data. Thanks for your help! PS- if someone knows a good solid place for an unlock, please share!
    2013-02-09 02:57 AM
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