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    hope this is the right place to post this question. there is no other place to post it.
    hello, i have a question regarding data usage from ATT carrier for the iphone 4. If anyone with ATT carrier knows abou this, please shed some light. i just recently noticed that there are some usage charge to my data plan which i find very unsual. the charge to my data plan is very small, from 8KB to 92KB. happens 4 to 5 time in a day. some of these charge happens during the time when i m not even using the phone. it's only from early morning to late evening. so i know for sure i didnt use the phone to surf the web.
    so i called ATT and asked them about tthese data usage. They couldnt figure out what's going on. They suggested maybe some of the application that shows "update" is causing the problem. i want to know if this is true? i have applications on my phone that want to update to a newer version. but i did not update it. could it be this request for update is using my data plan? i dont have any push notification apps, but i turn it off anyway. no chat or mail account, no facebook or twitter. basically just a stock phone with 2 games installed, cydia, ********** and winterboard.
    i dont what is using my data charge and ATT thinks it's the update of the games, but i dont think so. i am looking at the my bill and i see that they are charging my data usage even when i am at home with my wifi on. what's even more strange is these charges occured only monday to friday, early morning to late evening.

    thanks for any info.

    2011-04-06 06:52 AM
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    Push notifications and mail will do these 'random' charges, as they use the data connection while in the background even if wifi is available (the developers manuals say this). Also, some data may end up being charged to your account hours after the fact, due to various issues not under your control. The latter will be very prevalent and often when you are not on a native at&t network.
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    2011-04-06 08:10 PM
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    Thank you GenesisDh for the info.
    The strange thing is i dont have any apps that use push notification, but i still have it turn off. I dont have a mail,twitter,facebook acount activate.
    Basically, i just have a stock iphone 4 with 2 games installed. nothing else. everything is turn off. As i went thru the data usage on my bill, i noticed there charges occurred monday to friday only, and with the time of charges. occurred.. it range from at home to driving to work and while at work. Something is connecting to the internet, but i just cant seem to figure out what it is.. though the data charges are small from 8KB to 92KB.. and happens 4 to 8 times a day.. in a 30 day billing cycle. that data usage adds up. I dont mind they charges.. but i like to know from what .....
    i m going to uninstalled the 2 games that required updates to see if the problem stop.

    thanks for the input

    2011-04-06 09:51 PM
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    cant you just turn off data on your phone if you dont want to use it, should be a option in settings under network
    2011-04-06 10:20 PM
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    thanks akafred.
    yes, i can. not hard at all, but it's just a hassle to turn it on when needed and turn it off when not needed..
    also, they (carrier) shouldn't charge the data usage if nothing is using the internet and it's strange that the carrier tech couldnt tell figure why there are those data charges..
    i just want to find out.


    2011-04-06 10:37 PM
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    I forgot one more thing:
    Visual Voice Mail uses data. That may be another possibility where it is coming from. The system might be catching that data usage.
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    2011-04-07 03:12 AM
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    if your jail-broke use sbsettings it will make it really easy to turn data on and off
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    2011-04-07 11:17 AM
  8. A3gOwner's Avatar
    It's the phone checking in or phoning home per say. All iPhones from 3G up do this, some people say it don't but I'm sorry it does. Like mentioned above just shut off cellular data when not in use.
    2011-04-07 03:54 PM
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    A3gOwner is right... or ATT lied to me..
    After i spoke with ATT customre rep who couldnt figure out what's going on. He transfered me to Tech Support. Tech support looked at all the data usage and gave me an answer.. The phone will periodically update/ check in with the network so that used up the data. It's a smart phone and that's what it does. Checking in from time to time. Why...?? no idea. and there's no way to turn it off, other than turn off the cell data. Tech support told me to expect to lose 25mb-30mb a month, just because the phone wants to "phone home"..
    so, if you have more games or apps in the phone.. expect to lose more.
    why does it occured only peak hour?.. dont support couldnt tell me. i guess, it's just a way for ATT to screwed/rob a customer. I have a 3g and a 3gs on the same phone plan and both are unlock. so, without these "phone home" on the unlock phones, the phone function just fine. i. believe if you are committed to a data plan with ATT, they'll just automactically charge your some of your data usage regardless you used it/ like it or not. just a legitmate way to rob you, so you'll have to upgrade the data plan. on the unlock phone, they cant do anything about it (for now).
    it's a hassle to turn data on and off. if you have it off and turn it back on. you'll have to wait for a while before you can connect to internet (network). but.. if you have to save some data usage.. that's what you have to do.

    thank you all for the info..

    2011-04-19 10:06 PM