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    I decided to travel along the Europe this summer, but the problem is the roaming costs. My job is connected with people. So I need to talk in roaming as well.
    My friend told me about this kind of sim cards? Have you heard something about it ? Can it be real ?
    I have read a lot about travel sim cards but they don't offer sim cards for Iphone and here they offer such.
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    2011-04-19 02:04 PM
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    where are you traveling to in europe? you should just find a local sim card there (vodafone, o2, etc. perhaps select a pay as you go sim card and top-up as you need. but, to do this, you'll need an unlocked phone.

    to find out if you can be unlocked... go to settings>general>about and read the Modem Firmware. if its 1.59, then you can do a software unlock. but if its 2.10 or above, then there is no software unlock available. but there is always the hardware unlock (gevey sim tray) or if you get lucky.. an IMEI unlock from one of the european carriers.
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    2011-04-20 08:28 PM