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    I used unlockit to create an apn for data use. I would like to create a 2nd apn for using mms with data disabled. Is that possible? The only reason why i'm asking is the inspire i'm playing with has two apn's, one for data and one for mms. The one thing i hated about the iphone is missing mms's and having to turn data on to send mms.

    2011-04-20 12:06 AM
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    You can get a tweak to enable APN editing (or patch CommCenter and do the edits yourself manually) and that would be the closest to what you want outside of the 'on/off Cellular Data' workaround. Then you could modify the data APN to a blank (or invalid) setting and leave the MMS APN settings as is so you can still receive and send MMS.
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    2011-04-22 06:41 AM