1. stpow's Avatar
    I have a Jailbroke/Activated/Unlocked iPhone 3g
    4.2.1 custom firmware
    baseband 6.15.00

    I have 3g and Data turned off on springboard. So only uses wifi.

    If I were to insert my sim (at&t) would it be able to do the following? With out risk of extra charges.:

    Make and Receive Calls?

    I have unlimited send and receive on the following:
    Send and Receive Texts?
    Picture Messaging?

    Only using the iPhone as a toy really right now. but if I can get some functionality out of it that would be cool too.

    Or are there some further things I can do to use it how I stated above.

    I've searched around, but nothing really on my situation specifically.
    2011-06-24 03:30 AM
  2. i.Annie's Avatar
    You will have full functionality. The question is when AT&T will notice you're using an iPhone and force a data plan on you. The likelihood of that happening isn't low but it isn't exactly "for sure" as far as I know. But in regards to your question, yes you will be able to do all of the above without a data plan (until or if at&t picks up on you using the iPhone).
    2011-06-24 05:28 AM