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  1. RC_OZ's Avatar
    AT&T’s usual policy for unlocking a phone is to have been a customer in good standing for 90 days.

    Is it after 90 days yet for the iPhone ?

    However, if you call AT&T and asked for your iPhone to be unlocked... (I told them I was traveling overseas and didn't want to pay international roaming charges).

    They'll say that they would gladly give you an unlock code , but... they don’t have one for the iPhone.

    They say that it is Apple that prevents them from unlocking the iphones. AT&T even suggest that you use another unlocked phone to avoid their international roaming charges!

    Interesting.. that AT&T didn't mind and its Apple that is the bad guy here!
    2007-10-01 04:07 PM
  2. geoffl1's Avatar
    that is interesting!
    2007-10-01 04:24 PM
  3. eg6motion's Avatar
    Yep, ATT and most phone carriers have similar policy. ATT's is surprising because you don't have to finish your contract first. Apple has and always will be attempting to control its products use, thats just what kind of company they are. Its a plus for some people and a minus for othersq
    2007-10-01 07:53 PM