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    I recently restored and jailbroke my iPhone 4 with firmware 4.3.3, everything worked fine but I was on wifi the whole time. It wasn't until right now that I got out of wifi and I realized that my 3G isnt working. I can make calls but I cant connect to the internet for some reason. I've tried resetting network settings, removing the sim, hard reboot, and nothing seems to work. I can try re-restoring my phone later but would anyone have any ideas to why I can make calls but not use 3G? I should also note that using edge doesn't work either.
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    2011-11-01 03:37 PM
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    Tried everything but still couldn't use 3g. So I did a full re-restore and jailbreak, now it works fine. Thanks for the help!
    2011-11-03 12:06 AM