1. benzimm86's Avatar
    So today i received a letter in the mail from AT&T that they detected tethering on my line. I called them and denied the use of tethering even though i use mywi. Can at&t really detect tethering or do they just accuse people of it with high bandwidth usage? Is there any thing in cydia you can install to stop the detection of tethering? I am grandfathered into the unlimited plan and they threatened that if i tether i will be put on a tethering plan and will not be able to get my unlimited plan back. Im tempted to hold of tethering but start streaming anything and everything as often as i can. I love the tethering but am not going to pay the rediculous amount they want for it with such a small amount of data access. I largly use the tethering to work from the inlaws house who still have dial up.
    2011-12-24 06:04 PM
  2. phatcamaro's Avatar
    Have you tried PDAnet? It has a hide feature, whether it works or not I can't say because I'm not a programmer.

    I've read that AT&T does actually detect tethering, because of how the data is shown in their system. Some how data that is tethered goes through differently than normal usage so they can tell. I think the high usage is what kicks up a red flag then they look to see how the data is being used. If you keep the usage minimal they probably don't look to hard for tethering.
    2011-12-24 10:06 PM
  3. cubeman's Avatar
    I got the letter and called them. Funny thing was, when they asked if my phone was "jail broken", I explained that I had purchased a 2 year warranty plan and I would send it in if it was broken.. Anyways they sent some 65k letters out in like July.. Mainly to people that have been using a higher then norm of data. I talked to her for about 45 min and what came of it all: "any device that transfers data from your phone is tethering" she confirmed small powered speakers, which I explained I used when showering, was tethering according to AT&T.... But headphones are not as headphones are personal. I explained my showers were personal as well.... And the speakers fit in the palm of my hand... -No dice! If u plug ur phone into the car aux jack.. That is tethering as well... Its pretty stupid.. Im still on the unlimited plan and they want everyone off it. So when the conversation ended, she could NOT tell me why I got the letter, or what kind of teathering was showing up, but she said it must be due to me listening to the speakers I use during my showers.... I believe it is illegal for them to. Iew our actual data..
    2012-01-01 08:04 AM