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    I have a AT&T unlimited plan ($99) with the $30 Unlimited Blackberry service and the $20 unlimited text service. I popped the sim card into an Unlocked Iphone and was able to get email, but not able to use the internet. I haven't configured anything on AT&T as far as Blackberry goes. Do I have to register the Sim with RIM or do some configuration to get the internet to work?

    Also, this plan adds up to $149, so how is this better than just getting the Iphone plan? Is it that with the Iphone you are locked into the plan for 2 yrs?
    2008-03-22 01:49 AM
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    its the fact that you dont get unlimited minutes with the iphone plan. i would suggest getting the iphone plan instead unless you really need unlimited minutes.
    hit thanks if thanks are due.
    2008-03-22 02:47 AM
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    I don't understand what you mean by "its the fact that you dont get unlimited minutes with the iphone plan" because AT&T has a plan where it states 119.99 for unlimited minutes, unlimited email/web data, and 200 sms text messages and if I want 1500 sms text messages I can pay $10 more.

    But back to the main question, Do I have to register the IMEI number with the Blackberry Internet Service before being able to use the web browser on the Iphone?
    2008-03-22 04:11 AM
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    The blackberry plan is specific to blackberry phones only. Which is why you are unable to use the web browser.
    2008-03-24 04:16 PM
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    As soon as you activate the iphone with that simcard ATT will know you are using an Iphone, and demand you change to an "iphone" plan. They can also "blacklist" you for using a data service that is not meant for the "iphone", in which you wont get any data service.

    Its happened to a few people on the site.
    2008-03-24 06:50 PM
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    So what is the approach? I went into the AT&T store and told them that I wanted one of my numbers on an IPhone plan and they told me that I had to bring the Iphone in and they will activate it via ITunes.

    I am currently on a 1 yr contract and would like to not be locked into a 2yr contract. Plus, the phone is unlocked so I can use it overseas.

    So how do I get the Web browser option, the Google Maps, the Weather, the Stock updates, YouTube to work?

    What data plan do I need and how do I get it?

    This has been resolved. I just did a reset network settings and now I can use GoogleMaps, YouTube, Safari and the weather/stock updates screens.

    I guess this was due to the edge settings being changed when I tested the t-mobile sim card. Since I didn't have an edge settings icon, I wasn't able to verify the edge settings. The reset must of just put all AT&T settings back.

    Hopefully, this will help someone else trying to correct the EDGE settings.
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    2008-04-08 09:08 AM