1. fazeizme's Avatar
    I currently have A 3gs i'm on att i want to upgrade to the 4 or 4s any suggestions i'm thinking the 4 becasue it's 99 dollars and the 4s is 199 is it worth paying 199 for the 4s opinions please
    2012-01-18 03:48 AM
  2. Walle200's Avatar
    Buy the 4g for $99 if you go on YouTube and watch the video on the speed difference it's not very noticeable only thing you get that is new Siri wich I have both phones and have it turned off it gets iratateing after awhile and the 8 pix camera instead of the 5 pix no real difference there either
    2012-01-21 07:21 AM
  3. fazeizme's Avatar
    I didn't think it was much of a difference.. yea I think i'm going to stick with the 4
    2012-01-21 06:16 PM
  4. duromega's Avatar
    haha! for $100 more you better get a better phone, everyone telling you to get the 4 is because doesn't have a 4S,,,,,, a lot faster a lot better!

    2012-01-22 07:50 AM