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    I have an jailbroken iPhone 3GS on AT&T and about 2 weeks ago I started to not get service in a town about 2 miles south of where I live. I usually get full bars in the town. I put my sim card in a AT&T gophone I had sitting around and I got full bars so I know its not at&ts fault. I tried to reset the network settings on my iPhone too but I still don't get service. Whats going on with my iPhone? And is there any cydia tweaks that may be causing this?
    2012-02-18 07:38 PM
  2. TokeyTheBear's Avatar
    I kinda figured it out. I started deleting a bunch of cydia tweaks that i dont use anymore and somehow i got my service back. I have no clue which one was causing me not to get service in certain areas but if this happens to you, just start deleting sh*t in cydia. Haha
    2012-02-22 05:36 PM