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    Okay, so as far as I know there are 2 threads on this topic, but they didn't answer my question. So I am going to buy an AT&T iPhone 4 (locked) off of ebay in order to use it as an go phone, but before I commit I would like to know the basic steps involved in setting it up. I am planning on getting the $50 unlimited talk, text, and web plan, but that's where my confusion lies. As far as I know after doing the process necessary to use iPhone as a go phone I would have unlimited talk and text, but from my understanding from people is that the 3G does not work unless jail broken. I would like to know would I still be able to use my unlimited web WITHOUT 3G for free, or do I NEED the 3G to make the unlimited web work?
    2012-05-28 12:41 PM