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  1. troppmann's Avatar
    OK, so i get an email from ATT telling me that my phone has a terhering app on my phone (4S) and that if it isnt removed by the end of this billing plan will be switched my unlimited plan to this gouge you 5gb a month thing fro more money...

    Anyway, is there a way to block them with a cydia app of some sort from the scanning taking inventory of my phone? And seeing what is on my phone?


    I did search the forums here, but didnt see anything about this...i apologize if there was a previous conversation on this here...
    2012-09-17 07:40 PM
  2. i.Annie's Avatar
    They don't know you're actually tethering. They just know you're using abnormally large amounts of data. They assume that iPhone users who use large amounts of data who are not paying for their tethering service is likely using a tethering app.

    Deleting the tethering app doesn't do anything really. You have to stop using so much data is what will keep them from stripping you of your unlimited data plan. There are some controversy as to what I'm saying is true or not. Some people believe AT&T knows if you're actually tethering or not. Some people use large amounts of data without tethering (like streaming videos/movies) but still get that notification anyhow. So I'm convinced that AT&T just assumes people who use large amounts of data are tethering even if they aren't.

    In your case, you are tethering but their goal isn't to stop you from tethering, it's to stop you from using so much data.
    2012-09-17 09:00 PM