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    This video will teach you how to get MMS on your prepaid AT&T (and other networks that does not allow you to edit your APN) iOS 6 device.

    So in the last video, I showed you guys how to get the MMS using the TMobile Sim Swap Method. ( ...)

    In this video I will be covering an alternative way to getting the MMS using the editAPN method. Basically what you need is a jailbroken device running on the latest version of iOS 6 and install the an apn editor tweak in this source:
    Once you add that source, you search up EditAPN in your Search tab. Install the tweak and restart the springboard. After that, you go to Settings - General - Network - Cellular Data Network and input your corresponding MMS settings which can be found here: After that, it should work.

    Links again:
    Mobile Settings -
    Repo Source:
    Swim Swap Method: ...
    Unlock Your Device: All About iPhone
    Jailbreak your device tutorial: ... (you can search it via youtube)
    2013-02-20 03:12 AM