1. XXX's Avatar
    I have a question. Is there a way to limit the minutes used by each phone on a familyshare plan. Or, can temporarily dis-activate/ put on hold so they can't use their phone?

    2007-10-04 06:48 AM
  2. dan.vdub's Avatar
    not that i've seen....

    i have 3 lines on mine, and i get jacked on minutes every damn month.... so good luck with that.

    just call them a lot and complain about something.... they almost always comp 500 minutes just for ********.
    2007-10-04 12:25 PM
  3. XXX's Avatar
    my situation is more like im on a plan with a friend (xgf) and she hasn't paid her half the bill so I want to temporarily disconnect her phone until she pays.
    2007-10-04 02:49 PM
  4. tom q's Avatar
    2 weeks ago, they had a program called smart limit where you can control everything. Last week, they removed the program. Check with ATT to see if they re-launched Smart Limits.
    2007-10-04 09:35 PM
  5. coreym@cfl.rr.com's Avatar
    There is a way to "dis-able" a phone on a family plan I did it with my kid. I just called up and told them he was out of the house in college with no att coverage. Locked his phone down tight I still had to pay the 10 bucks but he could not use the phone anymore.
    2007-10-04 11:42 PM