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  1. t**l***c's Avatar
    I bought an iPhone that was supposed to be unlocked, from an individual. Sent it to a friend in India. When they put their SIM card in, it would not work. I called AT&T with the IMEI, they said the phone was not unlocked, but they could unlock it. In the mean time they took the phone to Thailand to try to unlock it. They said they could not, because in was still connected to "find my phone".
    Any ideas?
    2014-01-13 07:04 AM
  2. Gizzmo91569's Avatar
    That sucks, when ever you buy a iPhone insure that the iCloud account is deleted. If not if you restore the phone you will need their password. If they lock it you are screwed. Hopefully they do not. There is not much u can do to remove it without their password
    2014-03-26 04:01 AM