1. skierdb526's Avatar
    I have an unlocked iphone and just to test it out (before i choose which service i want) I put in a friends at&t sim. I was able to get calls and call, but i wasnt able to access the internet over edge. Shouldn'e edge be on if i get a signal? there wasnt a little E logo next to the carrier so im a little confused. As i understood it, if i got a phone signal i could get an edge or gprs signal as well. i am in a At&t partner zone if that helps. I just want to make sure that id be able to get edge before making the plunge to a certain carrier . it would suck to go legit and get AT&T service only to find out im paying for a feature I cant receive. Also I wont be using the unlocked phone when i get legit service, i have another iphone for the legit stuff. Thanks
    2007-10-04 10:55 PM
  2. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    You have to have the EDGE plan active on wtvr SIM you are using.

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    2007-10-06 01:41 AM