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    i currently have a Motorola V180 phone on AT&T Service. It's a corporate plan, my company pays it. I never see the bill and I like it that way. I won an iPhone in a contest, I literally pulled the plastic off of it so I know it is virgin. My question is instead of activating it and creating my own account that I get billed for, can I just switch the SIM card out with my current phone? Is there any extra stuff I will have to do after the fact? AT&T syas they dont support iPhone on corporate plans as of yet so Im leary of doing this lest I jack up my iPhone or worse yet, completely jack up my current phone which Im required to carry by my employer. I am a total novice at this phone stuff so please give me as straight an answer as you can provide. Thanks all
    2007-10-06 01:47 AM
  2. catriple's Avatar
    You should look at the guides section of how to unlock your phone, . This will solve all of your woes! It will work on your corporate plan!
    2007-10-06 02:40 AM
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    u can activated as a current att costumers
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    2007-10-06 04:56 AM