1. felixthecat666's Avatar
    OK, I'm new to all of this so forgive me for asking; I have spent quality time reading and researching and have not found a clear answer to my particular situation. My friend got a 16gb iPhone and gave me his old 8gb one which is running on 1.1.3. It has not been unlocked or jailbroken and still has his original AT&T SIM card in it. I currently have a Razr with a Cingular 3G SIM card and use an AT&T family plan. After doing some reading yesterday, I went online and added the unlimited Media Net plan +200 texts to our family plan. I waited a while and then swapped my SIM card from the Razr over to the iphone. It didn't show any bars but I was able to connect to the internet through my wifi. I tried again later and instead of showing no bars it said no service, and I'm still getting the same thing after 24 hours of adding unlimited media to my plan. I shouldn't have to unlock it since I'm on AT&T already, right? From what I've read on here, it sounded like all I had to do was upgrade my plan and swap SIM cards. Clearly that was just too easy to be true. Can anyone tell me what I'm missing here? I don't want to do the 2 year contract extension. I don't care about visual voicemail but I do want to be able to use everything else.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
    2008-03-31 01:00 PM
  2. ridebmx91's Avatar
    I recommend you leaving the sim card from the razr in the iPhone, (since that is your default sim card), then downloading iLiberty http://www.modmyi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=85611 (from this website to insure there is no viruses), then click the jailbreak, and activate button, and that should get you what your wanting, if that does not work try to instert the iPhones original sim card. Hopefull I have helped.
    2008-04-01 03:13 AM
  3. frankydabull's Avatar
    I had this issue with a phone I unlocked for a guy who worked at a cell store and had a good AT&T plan that was supper cheap, but if he told them that he had an iphone, he would lose his employee discount. So I unlocked and jailbroke the phone and it worked perfect. Im not sure if just activation will do the job. I think that you wouldnt want to activate with your regular sim, but that is just me. Either way, I hope one of these methods work for you
    2008-04-02 01:47 AM