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    hi... i've looked all over the place but can't seem to find the answer to this question:

    i currently have -no- t-mobile service... i'd like to get the cheapest plan here in the US that will allow me to add the $19.95 total internet package... (i want to use both the EDGE with my iphone and local hotspots with my laptop)

    the folks at the local t-mobile store don't know anything about a $19.95 package (sigh!) and online i'm having problems finding a link within the t-mobile site...

    i -did- find a link to a page that allows me to select the $19.95 total internet but it only allows me to select that service if i also choose a $200 blackberry-type phone

    i'm missing something but don't know what...

    any links/pointers greatly appreciated!
    2007-10-14 11:48 PM
  2. pouncer11's Avatar
    call customer service 611 from a phone with a tmobile sim

    tell them you want the 20.00 dollar internet plan and if they still dont know what youre talking about, tell them you want the intarwebs on your iphone and chances are if you get a decent rep they will know exactly what to help you with.

    also id like to help you on a plan but idk if you text alot or talk alot or what your situation is, let me know and ill give you a rundown

    ive had tmobile for a while and had every plan under the sun at one point in time
    T-mobile has stolen my wallet's heart
    2007-10-16 05:50 AM
  3. robingo88's Avatar
    thanks, p!... here's my deal...

    i currently have verizon since at&t coverage (and t-mobile coverage) isn't very good around where i live/work...

    i hacked my phone so i could use it with WiFi (and have a VirginMobile UK sim i use when i travel overseas) but recently figured it might be nice to get access to the t-mobile edge network so i can get mail while out and about (and not near a WiFi site)... i then learned about the Total Internet plan and figured if i could also use my macbook pro at starbucks (t-mobile hotspot) then it might be worthwhile to get a basic t-mobile plan...

    i don't plan on talking on the phone much (or ever!), or using it for SMS...

    i really only want the account for EDGE pop-email and browsing (low speed text is okay) and to get access to the hotspots at s*bucks.

    if i can do this for $50/month, i could probably justify the $600/year for my business, but i'd rather not have a second $100/month cell phone acct.

    does this narrow things down?

    again, mucho gusto!
    and cheers
    2007-10-16 07:11 AM
  4. pouncer11's Avatar
    the hotspot account would be separate of your rate plan but if youre not worried about a few kbps id say get 5.99 tzones (works great for me) and maybe the basic 300 minute plan for 29.99 a month i believe that comes with ultd weekends but not nights
    for 39.99 a month you get my favs ultd to 5 numbers, ultd weekends, and nights, plus the 300 whenever minutes
    T-mobile has stolen my wallet's heart
    2007-10-16 02:49 PM
  5. robingo88's Avatar
    well here's my confusion

    t-mobile has a plan here in the US that they rolled out in september called Total Internet... its only available if you have a "smart phone" (don't seem to be able to add it to my basket with another type of phone) and for $19.99 you get edge -and- hotspot

    so a cheap plan (29.99) plus Total Internet (19.99) gets me where i want to be -except- i can't figure out how to order it without also getting a $200 phone (which i don't want/need since i have my iphone)

    any thoughts?
    anyone else done this?

    2007-10-16 06:28 PM