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    If I unlock an iphone, would it work with a blackberry plan on T-mobile?

    This would be the best t-mobile iphone plan if it would work. The BlackBerry Minutes & Mail plan from T-mobile has 1000 minutes, unlimited data, and unlimited messages for $59.99.

    2008-04-15 07:18 PM
  2. dmjossel's Avatar
    The voice minutes will work, but the mail support for a Blackberry only supports the Blackberry. You don't need it on an iPhone. Having said that, if it has unlimited data then you can use it, but you may be paying for a feature you don't need.
    2008-04-17 05:51 AM
  3. u235's Avatar
    The T-Mobile BlackBerry plan will work on the iPhone with APN wap.voicestream.com
    I had it when I first got my iPhone, because I was switching from a Pearl.
    The BlackBerry push services, including email, will NOT work with the iPhone; say bye bye to your @tmo.blackberry.net email address.
    For the same price as the BlackBerry plan ($19.99) you can get the Total Internet Add-on. I recommend upgrading (or switching) to it because it offers you a less used APN (internet2.voicestream.com) and gives you global access to T-Mobile hot-spots (be it here in the US or on a National Rail across the UK or T-Mobile's home country of Germany).

    edit: to reiterate, Total Internet will cost you nothing more if you already have BlackBerry unlimited.
    list of hot-spots included with Total Internet https://selfcare.hotspot.t-mobile.co...alLocations.do
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    2008-07-24 02:06 AM