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    Ok after some good hard searching I Finally was able to change the carrier logo from t-mobile to the Halo 3 logo using customize the latest one.

    look here:

    also just incase you guys were wondering I'm on a 1.1.1 unlock with anysim 1.1.0.

    Remember Customize will crash the first time you open it. I don't know why but it does and after that it seems fine. some of the customize feature didn't work for me like the weather icons.
    2007-10-28 09:06 AM
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    Wow...finally some figured it out. Thanks for posting this. By the way I'm using an unlocked 1.0.2 on T-Mobile and it works perfectly.
    2007-10-28 11:48 PM
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    You could always change it just use iphonebrowser and goto /system/library/coreservices/springboard.app change your carrier,battery and alot of others and change your icons on your homescreen under applications or use winscp all customize does really is to make it easier for people who dont want to mess with manually changing things easier.
    But when those apps crash and have probs you can always count on the above apps to work.
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    2007-10-29 06:39 AM
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    it worked for me! Thanks!
    2007-10-29 08:45 AM
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    Weird. Changing the weather icons works just fine on mine, but no matter what I do, I can't change the carrier logo. I'm on T-Mobile as well, running 1.1.1 on a 1.0.2 firmware upgrade. Unlocked, ofcourse. Weird, huh?

    I'm going to bypass customize when I get back home and ssh the icons to the phone, but I won't know if the new carrier logo will take for about 3 weeks, since I'm generally in a T-Mobile network area most of the time

    and of course, I clicked on the OP's link AFTER I posted the above merged post... Thank you for that link, OP.
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    2007-10-29 10:02 AM
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    Correct me if I'm totally wrong but ....I was under the impression that the springboard app itself had to me modified to access the custom png file you put into your iphone. the reason i though this method was also verified is that if you take the default png file out of your phone. you can't view or edit that with any application including windows apps. i tried. I was lucky to find the site that tells you about the mod because i'm on 1.1.1 the springboard hack really jacked up my phone before and I had to start all over.

    I copied the instructions from the site just incase it ever goes down.

    I have T-Mobile and Customize.app would not change my carrier logo to the custom icons I wanted. I have edited the customize.app so that it works with T-Mobile. You can download the file Chooser view. You will need to ssh the file to root/applications/customize.app/settings and replace the chooserViews.plist. You will then be able to change carrier logs with customize if you are using T-Mobile.

    If you have a different carrier: open up chooserViews.plist and edit wherever it says TMOBILE and change it to your carrier. It should be 2 files that you edit.

    You May also want to go into var/root/Library/Customize/CarrierImages/BackUp and put your default carrier logos there.
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    2007-10-29 05:21 PM
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    I copied the instructions from the site just incase it ever goes down.
    My site will not go down without a fight! This will also work for VODAFONE and CINGULAR
    2007-10-29 05:42 PM
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    i have tried this but does not work either.what am i doing wrong
    Vodafone IE is what still shows no matter what i do
    2007-10-30 01:34 AM