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    Found this on hackint0sh.org. Very good. I did mine, worked like a charm

    1. Get ready, collect some information

    Stuff you will need later to copy the bundle to your iPhone and create the symlink:
    An SFTP client (Fugu, Cyberduck, Transmit or other on Mac, WinSCP on Windows) to connect to the iPhone.
    A terminal programm for SSH connection (Terminal on Mac, Putty on Windows) to create symlinks.
    The IP-number of your iPhone and your WLAN of cause

    Next you have to find out the MCC/MNC code of your simcard.
    On the iPhone start the Phone app and switch to the keypad and type
    tap the green dial button. That opens the hidden Field Test Application on the iPhone. Tap "Cell Information", some lines will be displayed.
    On the end you will find something like
    N:3 #:262
    N:10 #:234
    In the first case, the MCC/MNC is 26203 (if N only has one digit add a zero in front), in the second MCC/MNC is 23410.
    Write it down!

    For using the custom carrier logo you need one mandatory field in the form to be filled out properly (* First character/digit of carrier logo name). The file carrier.plist has a "key" called "AllowPrefixMatching" that has to be set to "true". The following string is compared to the string your simcard/carrier issues when normally using (before having the custom carrier logo). Main carriers like Vodafone issue "Vodafone UK" or so. Some do different. One of our members here is on Wataniya from Kuwait, the issue "KT WATANIYA". The value for "AllowPrefixMatching" has to match the string and NO SPACE ALLOWED. So in this example you would have to type ktwataniya (it's not case sensitive). Use the easy way and just type the first character (or if so digit) that is displyed, it works. In our example k would do.
    Write the displayed name down (only the first character/digit)

    2. Create and download your custom carrier bundle

    Got to my page at


    3. Fill out the requested fields and hit "Download my carrier bundle and readme (zip-archive). After Download unzip the archive. The resulting folder contains your carrier bundle and a customized readme with detailed instruction how-to install and use.

    You will find explanation concerning all to be filled fields on my website, please read them carefully. There are a few things to keep in mind.

    I have tested this on a Mac and on Windows. Bundles work for me on 1.1.3/1.1.4 iPhones. Cause the way Apple handles this in 2.0 (beta for now) it should work later on.

    If you have any suggestions, more fields to be integrated, just let me know, I will do my best.

    Use of the service is free of cause. If you want to have/use the script on your website, download it here:
    The script is kind of commented so it should be easy to adjust the path and the fonts you may want to need. You need GD2 lib with font support, PHP, zip support on your webserver to run it. The script is made to work with deja Vu fonts, downloadlink is above. You may of cause use others.

    Please leave feedback if you like to. Check next post on explanation of the fields to be filled in.

    hope that helps,
    For T-Mobile USA:

    Check Balance: #225#
    Check Minutes: #646#
    Check Message: #674#
    Customer Service: 611
    My T-Mobile: http://my.tmobile.com
    2008-04-22 11:15 AM
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    so what exactly is this for?
    2008-04-23 08:27 AM
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    so what exactly is this for?
    so if you have a t-mobile phone, you can check remainder minutes, voice message, etc.
    2008-04-23 09:05 PM