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  1. orgy9111's Avatar
    Fr some reason my internet conection is very very slow, even though i got 19.99 plan with in the address line.
    I cant seem to get online at all times, i also checked the PDP settings and the info there is as follows:

    Type: IP
    Address: (this line sometimes has an address that starts with

    most of the time the "address" line shows zeros

    How can i fix this problem and get maximum speed (Edge symbol is also shown at all times)

    Thank you
    2007-10-29 09:02 PM
  2. patrickj's Avatar is not a valid address. Means it cannot get an IP address . Mot sure if you are saying it's your wireless router that cannot get an address ...
    2007-10-30 01:45 AM
  3. glustic's Avatar
    He's saying EDGE can't get an ip address. Do you have mobileterminal installed?
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    2007-11-07 02:50 PM