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  1. jalmonte's Avatar
    I sign up for a blackberry internet plan with tmobile, what mods do i have to my iphone to get the internet setup??
    I check on *3001#12345#* (field test) and i have an ip assigned ?

    And my apn is set to ""

    do i have to edit my "preferences.plist" with this internet plan to get it work ??

    please advice??
    thanks in advance !
    2007-11-01 02:53 AM
  2. PainPastor's Avatar
    I also have the Blackberry Unlimited plan with TMO.
    I have an issue with my iphone losing it's connection(no service)and then it sends an error code("can not recieve or make calls.Contact Apple").
    I have to reboot sveral times to get the phone to recognize my Simcard.
    I used the Apn and the but neither hold when reception is lost in bad areas.
    Wondering what to do to have tight connection?I downloaded OpenSSH and services and find that it helps a little.
    Do I have to enter some kind of proxy number?I am not a hacker.
    I love the phone but getting frustrated with the constant rebooting,etc.
    2007-11-01 03:10 AM