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    I have an unlocked Iphone that I bought from U.S and i'm living in Europe I called T mobile and they said that in the Netherlands there is no EDGE network only UMTS or GPRS does anyone know if there are settings to use these if there is no EDGE network avaliable?

    So far on this site there has been some great info and I have at present contacts from outlook sync'ing, you tube fully working on an unlocked phone using V1.1.1. I also have the email being delivered to the phone when i'm on my home network. So i'm quite happy with the progress so far but getting the internet to work with my t-mobile contract would be perfect.

    T-mobile told me proxy 8080 set ip address to automatic and server to automatic and use a PV4 network.. all of this means nothing to me at the moment but I'm getting up to speed slowly!

    I'm using the 1.1.1 firmware and unlocked the phone using simfree
    2007-11-05 03:48 PM
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    I also have T-Mobile in the Netherlands. All the EDGE networks in NL are closed, because EDGE is an old technology. EDGE is nothing more than multiple GPRS connections. So the iPhone also supports GPRS, it is only slower dan EDGE. Since the iPhone doesn't support 3G yet, the only solution in NL to get mobile internet working is by GPRS. I have "Web 'n Walk" of T-Mobile, and it works perfectly, little bit slow, but fast enough for email/websites.

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    2007-11-05 04:01 PM
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    how did you get the gprs to work on the I-phone? what did you have to do to the phone or is it a case of just using the settings.
    2007-11-05 04:31 PM
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    Check the urls in my last post. If you have "Web n Walk", it is only a matter of entering the settings (Settings > General > Network > Edge). Second url (in Dutch), to keep the settings after a reboot.
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    2007-11-05 04:35 PM