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  1. xsited's Avatar
    I just updated to 1.1.1 and signed up the T-zone yesterday.
    Except the speed is extremly slow (60kb maximum), i found i couldn’t access to It says ” Tunnel or SSL Forbidden (Description:8189 is not an allowed port for Tunnel or SSL connections).

    Meebo works Okay on Tzone. However, i like Jivetalk interface better.

    Don’t know what i should do to fix this on my end.

    My coworker just signed up the $20 dollar internet plan but his speed is as terrible as mine (50kb max at downtown museum district) except that he could youtube search. Not sure if the whole HOUSTON, TX area is sufferring the same slow tmobile edge speed.
    2007-11-07 09:35 PM
  2. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    It could very well be that the Houston area has slow EDGE connection, or none at all and you are on GPRS. Can anyone confirm? I know in Tampa my connection is much slower than when I travel to Seattle for instance.

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    2007-11-08 01:00 AM
  3. pr0naLd's Avatar
    Yes it's slow, i just tested mine and i did 44.1kbps. I'm in the spring branch area.

    when i'm at work and use safari it's mad slow. Pretty much tmobile edge sucks right now.
    2007-11-09 02:46 AM
  4. 96hondaex's Avatar
    At my house in Pasadena I get 140+kbps but where I work in Houston close to downtown I only get 90+kbps. Not sure why? Maybe building interference?
    2007-11-09 06:17 AM
  5. xsited's Avatar
    not sure what speedtest site did you guys go. mine at is 177kb max at home (west chase area) and only 64kb when doing at And i think the later speed is more close to my average usage. Anyway, it's just so fxxxxxx slow that i almost wanna throw my iphone at my monitor !!! However i did feel better when i saw my coworker's 20 bucks service is having the same speed as mine.

    reply from my ifone
    2007-11-10 02:55 PM
  6. steve_k's Avatar
    i want to use jivetalk too. meebo sucks compared to jivetalk. if you ever figure out how to get it working hit me up. i'm on tmobile web too.
    2007-11-10 09:27 PM
  7. larsson_no7's Avatar
    Southwest side of Houston, i get 150- 200kb speeds.
    2007-11-14 03:11 AM