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  1. suraj_tt's Avatar
    Hi All

    I have just got my Iphone unlocked and am now on t-mobile..

    I am new to this wholw wi-fi internet thing.

    Can someone please assist me with a question??!

    1) I went into wifi, and selected an unlocked network and was using youtube etc. IS this free as i am on someone elses network or will T Mobile charge me? I have never enabled internet with t-mobile.. so can they charge me or as im using someone elses network this would mean its free?

    Ok, one quick sneaky one: 2) It shows E on the top of the phone - does this mean im constantly on the internet and being charged for it?

    BAsically, i dont want to ever be charged by tmobile for using the internet! I just want to use wifi..

    Someone please help - i'd really appreciate it...

    Thank you in advance..
    2007-11-13 08:56 PM
  2. Broomhead's Avatar
    The wifi you were using is free. Its just some ones open network
    2) the E stands for Edge network
    So your go to go
    2007-11-14 12:03 AM