1. yahoowizard's Avatar
    I got the edge icon on my screen, and I'm connected to the internet, but it keeps redirecting me to the wipcore t-mobile page =(
    2008-11-02 11:00 PM
  2. aaragon's Avatar
    I've read conflicting information on the $5.99 Tzones plan here and on other forums. Can anyone confirm with certainty that the $5.99 Tzones works on TMobile prepay (not Flexpay)? I have an Iphone 3G that I'd like for data only. The elimination of the $19.99 data option on GoPhone Pay As You Go has me looking at other options.
    Yes, good question! I'm looking for the same thing. Anyone has an answer?
    2008-11-09 09:03 PM
  3. CAP_Da_Deviant's Avatar
    does this same thing work for a 3G on the latest firmware?
    2008-11-14 10:31 AM
  4. yahoowizard's Avatar
    I doubt this even works anymore due to the web2go thing by Yahoo. But apparently, every week, they're offering one site free to visit without any plan at all, and this week, it's ESPN, which is a pretty tight deal. Would be pretty awesome if we got like, past the redirecting for all sites, not just ESPN, and make some magic happen.
    2008-11-21 01:25 AM
  5. RudBallaMike's Avatar
    will this work with 2.2?
    2008-11-24 10:41 PM
  6. Pcpro745's Avatar
    no need for proxy hack just put in EPC.Tmobile.com in your cellular data network
    2008-11-24 10:46 PM
  7. DannyMontana's Avatar
    Since T-mobile doesn't have T-zones, could I just add their TmobileWeb ($5.99 plan) and change it to epc.tmobile.com? Would it work the same as if I had T-zones? Thanks.
    2008-11-25 06:37 PM
  8. matdog56's Avatar
    can I use this on the 2.1?
    2008-11-25 07:00 PM
  9. theunknown's Avatar
    works with 2.2 firmware
    2008-12-11 01:54 AM
  10. dranom's Avatar
    works with 2.2 firmware
    how did you made it work????? step by step please
    2008-12-12 10:04 PM
  11. matdog56's Avatar
    got any thing for the firmware 2.1?

    there is no more tzone in tmobile
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    2008-12-17 08:31 AM
  12. iphonevirgin's Avatar
    If you get the right rep, you can get tzones added.
    I tried 8 times and was told by each rep that they dont have it anymore....9th time was the charm for me. Just got it added and it already appears on my account.

    So now that I have got it added - how can I make it work with 2.2? any pointers???
    2009-01-04 03:13 AM
  13. smirkis's Avatar
    go to cellular data n put epc.tmobile.com in the apn leave user/pass blank. done

    i need it added on my gf's iphone damnit.
    1.1.1>1.1.2>1.1.4>2.0>2.1>2.2>3.1>3.1.2 blackra1n'd

    waitin on my white iphone 4
    2009-01-06 06:29 PM
  14. NoServiceMan's Avatar
    so are you guys sure that this works on T-Mobile iPPhone 3G ver. 2.2Yellowsn0wed?
    2009-01-07 12:48 AM
  15. peter0109's Avatar
    I was reading an article that came out today that said the T-zones has changed to TmobileWeb... that is probably why the reps didn't give you the plan... look at this article.

    T-Mobile Internet on your Laptop, PocketPC, Smartphone, Blackberry, or PDA (using T-MobileWeb & T-Zones) - Gruups.com
    2009-01-07 05:06 PM
  16. thurman's Avatar
    T Zones is not offered anymore....
    2009-01-11 10:03 PM
  17. thurman's Avatar
    Just got Tzones this afternoon and I applied the epn.tmobile.com

    Turned WiFi off and everything works ok. I only see that E in the top corner.
    2009-01-15 02:46 AM
  18. Manny d[-_-]b's Avatar
    Ok great its working 4 iphone v1.x. Does anyone know how to make it work on v2.2? I followed a video on Utube explaining how to it on 2.2. Basically downloading the T-Zones hack from Cydia and then the apn to epc.tmobile.com. I also tried every apn that i know: wap.voicestream.com, internet2.voicestream.com, internet3.voicestream.com,and epc.tmobile.com and no luck. Maybe it did not work because i tried the hack too soon after calling to switch to the T-Zones plan(wich she said now it was free?) Any suggestions on how to do it on 2.2?
    2009-01-16 06:16 PM
  19. smirkis's Avatar
    tzones is not free, if you have a tzones capable phone its already on it. u can not jus have tzones for free tho...

    so thats why no matter what u do, it wont work. you need the tmobile web (aka tzones) 5.99 package in order to get it to work. or 25dlr package. or 19.99 or whatever. 5.99 is hard to get but not impossible. for now anyway. some get it, some dont. i haven't been so lucky
    1.1.1>1.1.2>1.1.4>2.0>2.1>2.2>3.1>3.1.2 blackra1n'd

    waitin on my white iphone 4
    2009-01-16 06:50 PM
  20. Manny d[-_-]b's Avatar
    OK, but sometime before a tried to do the same hack for V2.1, and also did not work. I had the real T-Zones package, which I think at the time the price had gone up to $9.99 or something like that. OK smirki, maybe u can help me, lets say I do get the whatever it cost T-Zones package. What would be the exact steps to do to make it work on v2.2? Is it just installing the T-Zones hack from Cydia?
    2009-01-16 08:33 PM
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