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    I spoke to TMobile tech support to confirm my SwirlyMMS settings and the support guy had experience helping people with SwirlyMMS.

    MMSC is always the same:



    He said it takes trial and error to find the right combination that works and that some people are still unsuccessful.

    I got mine working with and

    Good luck!

    Kudos to TMobile for being so courteous, professional and willing to help. Next month, I'll pay my bill with a glad heart.

    edit: copied this post (originally mine) over from iPhone App Discussion forum.
    2008-06-02 05:00 AM
  2. Bad2049's Avatar
    Really appreciate the info you posted here. It really did help.
    2008-07-18 08:46 PM
  3. smirkis's Avatar
    -tmobile customer for over 8 years.

    and its the customer service that keeps me tied in, also the great rate plans
    1.1.1>1.1.2>1.1.4>2.0>2.1>2.2>3.1>3.1.2 blackra1n'd

    waitin on my white iphone 4
    2008-07-18 10:08 PM
  4. djfantom's Avatar
    thanks just redownloaded swirly . tried your settings and it worked . im definately buying it when the demo runs out. i spend 8 bux on lunch everyday probably more. lol
    2008-07-18 10:36 PM
  5. deadphotomac's Avatar
    I need HELP.........I can get MMS fine but I can't sent. Should I reset the phone after every change? Does the APN and Edge be the same? I'm in Wilmington DE if that helps. Right now the proxy is ending in 050:8080 and I get a error "possible incorrect mmsc setting. unexpected http response(HTTP/1.1 502 next hop connection failed). Any help please
    2008-07-20 01:01 AM
  6. karlos22's Avatar
    new to all of this can you tell me were to put the settings im not sure not had my iphone very long is it were i put the edge settings
    Cheers Karlos
    2008-07-20 11:10 AM
  7. BarcaMagic's Avatar
    wsirlymms and go to settings
    2008-07-20 03:11 PM
  8. karlos22's Avatar
    sorry i dont understand the other thing is messages still come to my sms they never came through swirly
    2008-07-20 09:50 PM
  9. deadphotomac's Avatar
    T-mobile helped fix My mistake
    2008-07-20 11:35 PM
  10. akirazstylin's Avatar
    YAY!!!! IT WORKS! Thank you Very much!
    2009-04-09 10:32 PM
  11. wickedhawk89's Avatar
    do i have to reboot my phone everytime i try a new setting?
    2009-06-13 06:09 PM
  12. allihasheart's Avatar
    since SwirlyMMS isn't giving free demo licenses anymore, i had to purchase the full SwirlyMMS2 app, which is fine by me. but i just wanted to post here and let people know that i'm using the 19.99 Sidekick data plan and it is working perfectly with these settings:


    (yes, the APN is different there than the setting i have on the phone itself.)
    2009-06-17 01:49 PM
  13. SuperVee3's Avatar
    talk about good customer service. i went to t-mobile back in October cuz i lost my iPhone soi needed a new sim card. on the phone they said i had to pay for my new sim card but when i got to the store and they found out i lost a iphone i got my sim card for free.
    2009-06-17 10:11 PM
  14. rbryant3's Avatar
    I have Swirly MMS on my phone and it has worked fine. I got my wife a new jb and unlocked 3GS and installed it on hers. I thought I set them the same but now I cannot send through Swirly. Can you please tell me what settings I should be using. I changed them up so much I cannot remember. I use TMobile. I need to know what to set the settings under the Activation on. They are both successfully activated. Also they are both set to the first set of TMobile settings. I have a 3GS also and it worked until I started messing with the settings.
    2010-07-06 02:05 AM
  15. young e's Avatar
    Lol talk about bringing back an told thread...and its a surprise ppl even still use swirlymms now that the iphone has native mms y dont u use that
    2010-07-06 05:51 AM
  16. rbryant3's Avatar
    I did not think I could send pictures with my unlocked JB iPhone. I have TMobile, am I incorrect?

    Sorry for the ignornance...

    2010-07-14 04:09 AM
  17. RaiV3R's Avatar
    T-Mobile have been amazing with their custom service, It's the reason why I'm still with them.

    There was a time when I went over, with about 200 extra minutes. (Yeah, I know right? I talked with this girl for about 4 hours) and I totally had forgotten when night hour started. (I thought it was at 8pm)

    Well, I check my minutes a day later, and it said I was overboard 200ish minutes and my reaction was like.. ! (I was still under my parents name too so...)

    I called customer support, and first asked when night hours started, and then went on and made myself sound like I made an honest mistake, and that I have been a loyal member (well at least my parents) for over 8 years, blah blah.

    Well, I kid you not, the rep told me something like "Okay, well tell you what, I'll fix this for you, this is your free card. But BE careful next time, now let me check your account and fix this."

    Now I'm independent, but OH GOD am I glad they saved my butt from that (I really didn't think it would work, because I bet they get crap like that all the time, but hey I just had to try to save my hide).

    Thus, iPhone or not, I'm sticking with T-Mobile, ATT is not getting my $$$ especially with the crap I constantly hear about them.
    iPhone 32GB 3GS - iOS 4.2.1 - BB: 5.11.07
    iPhone 16GB 3G - 3.1.3 - BB: 4.28.08
    2010-07-14 08:16 AM
  18. young e's Avatar
    I did not think I could send pictures with my unlocked JB iPhone. I have TMobile, am I incorrect?

    Sorry for the ignornance...


    Of course u can im on t mobile and have everything someone will have on ATT minus 3g due to different frequency but thats nothing...

    U might wanna search next time thou there plenty of threads on the first page alone let alone the stickys but here
    go throu that and u should have MMS working in no time....
    2010-07-14 01:19 PM
  19. rbryant3's Avatar
    THank you. I am sorry, but I did search. Perhaps I did not search correctly. I do not know why people are so quick to tell people to search. I did search and I did not find anything. I do appreciate your help!

    FOr some reason my phone still will not send a picture. It did before I got a new one, different number, and set it up. It will take a picture, and everyone receives it but my other phone. ???? Perhaps it is the other phone.
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    2010-07-14 03:38 PM