1. ybahman's Avatar
    OKAY! So my dad (t-mobile) plans on buying an iPhone to be pimp like his son who has ATT.

    So what first figured I'd do was put MY AT&T sim into his new phone and activate it, then jailbreak, and unlock, then switch sims and reactivate my phone. Then it hit me that he'd have a Week Forty-Five POS. (Would this have worked had it been a phone prior to week forty-five just in case we get lucky with eBay?)

    But upon coming to that fateful realization, I thought of a plan B. I could just take my AT&T Locked phone, and unlock it, set it to T-Mobile then replace my sim with my dad's. Then, take the new Week Forty-Five iPhone and just activate it with my original AT&T sim, then jail break it.

    IS PLAN B POSSIBLE?! (plan A too)
    2007-12-02 09:11 AM
  2. tamz273's Avatar
    plan B is probably the smartest thing to do since u wont know what version ur getting from ebay...! and if u HAPPEN to get a week 44- from ebay, then u dont need to activate with ur ATT chip, u can go ahead and jailbreak and it will Hactivate for ur dad...
    2007-12-03 08:13 AM
  3. ybahman's Avatar
    so if i use set up the AT&T activated phone with T-Mobile i will be able to activate the new phone with AT&T again? (will they notice i activated it twice or something like that)
    2007-12-04 03:49 AM