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    Hi all !!
    I did not find any help topic here, and i am so newbie. So, let me start my questions.
    I just got an iphone and brought it to a guy to help me to change At&T to T- Mobile, and he said that i can not use Itune to connect between the phone and Pc anymore.If i do , the phone will die ( i mean firmware, can not use it to call or turn it on ). So is it true ?
    If this is true, is there any other ways to connect Iphone to Pc in order to transfer music, pic, movies, and apps ?
    Are there tons of apps for Iphone as Nokia ?
    If i want to use T-Zone on my phone , how much will i be charged for each month ?
    If can get all answers, it will be my blessing to you all.
    Thanks in advance
    2008-07-10 05:32 AM
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    Ok, I am trying to decipher your post but it seems like you want to know the following

    1. Will I be able to use iTunes to connect to the iPhone to sync music, pictures, movies, and contacts

    2. Are there many 3rd party applications?

    3. Can I use the $5.99 a month T-Zone plan and still receive internet?

    Answers to your questions

    1. He is a complete liar. It actually is quite simple. If you are on windows, download iLiberty+, check all the boxes on the front and click Go For It! or follow this guide iLiberty+ Guide. You will still be able to use iTunes to sync everything you could want.

    2. Using the guide mentioned above, you will install an app called Installer which has almost every app you could ever want for the iPhone for free.

    3. There is also a app available on Installer called the T-Zones Internet hack listed in the 1.1.4 Tweaks section that will allow you to use the $5.99 T-Zones internet plan, though Youtube will not work unless you get the 19.99 Total Internet plan with VPN. After installing the 1.1.4 Tweak for the $5.99 T-Zones internet plan. Go into the iPhone settings menu, hit general, hit network, hit EDGE, and in the APN section, type wap.voicestream.com , that will enable EDGE on your phone for $5.99! Youtube will not work on EDGE but will work fine on WiFi

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