1. Cassy's Avatar
    Has anyone with an unlocked iphone using Tmobile installed this app, and if so, is it working properly for you?

    I just installed it yesterday, and although it seemed that everything was running smoothly... I discovered that only my friends with Tmobile were receiving my texts. I tried several tests, and when I send a text through iSMS, although it says 'successfully sent'; no other carriers other than Tmobile actually receive my texts, whether or not it's a group or individual text. I have an unlocked 1.1.1 iphone and am using Tmobile as my carrier.

    Can anyone help me out?
    2008-01-03 09:49 PM
  2. superwtc's Avatar
    I'm using a 1.1.1 with isms. Friends on different carriers recieve them.

    EDIT: I was wrong. I thought it was working. I'm having the same problem.
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    2008-01-04 12:19 PM
  3. djmace's Avatar
    Im on 1.1.4 and no problems recieving on other networks or when sent to a land line. In fact t-mobile even sent me a txt back telling me that my message had been deleivered to the landline.

    Im using the new iSMS snapshot version 1.0-rc2

    Only thing is the settings can only be altered at the moment in 1.1.1 and below, such as auto archive, sms blacklist and enabling the sbringboard helper to allow iSMS to takeover the default sms app.

    Apart from that it works fine to forward messages or delete individual messages.

    Not tried the alternatives such as smsd or wetool, and to be honest dont think ill bother as im happy with this at the mo.

    Does exactly what it says on the tin! lol
    2008-03-15 07:33 PM
  4. xjuliephanx's Avatar
    i'm using 1.1.3 and i added the source http://iphone.nonsoft.com/repo/ and for whatever reason I still can't find iSMS (original) I have the frenchiphone repo and added that version but it didn't work. When I loaded it, it would state I had no incoming/sent text messages even if I just sent one using iSMS. Any ideas? Any other source for iSMS
    2008-03-27 02:41 AM
  5. kyteflyer's Avatar
    I just use iappcat.com to find the sources. I've added the iSMS app to my personal repo at iappcat and it just updates as necessary. Its worth going to the trouble of setting up your own repo there with apps that are singles, rather than having a bzzillion different sources in installer.

    The source I use is exactly as you have listed, and it updated recently to a version which is now able to take over as the default client without needing to do anything more than set it up in its "settings" panel.

    Version I am using is 1.0-rc2-snapshot-04221718
    2008-04-23 05:51 AM