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    hey guys i have an unlock iphone and i am getting ready to buy a sim card from the t-mobile?I want to know if the total internet add-on work 100 percent on anysite?two more question when you go to san francisco or las vegas does the iphone enternet work when your far from your home?do you lose connection to t-mobile enternet?does the iphone installer.app works on las vegas and san francisco when you have t-mobile total internet add on and you have a family plan for your famileis?in t-mobile when you have an iphone and use it to call your family do you get call failed and loss communication or does it work 100 percent too?hey guys i really need help on my iphone
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    2008-07-18 01:06 AM
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    I'm on the total internet package and it works well with my iPhone. I mostly travel the Los Angeles area from the valley's to the coast and I'm always on my phone with EDGE running flawless, at least i don't notice anything odd. I surf the web with no problems. Sometimes I get people that tell me they've called me and I don't receive an incoming call, but it's happened with other carriers also (not with iPhone). The only thing when you request the total internet package you have to manually modify the EDGE settings under the iPhone's network settings.... search MMi for instructions.
    2008-07-18 04:50 PM
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    It's a cell phone!! Check their website for the coverage map. I'm pretty sure San Francisco and Las Vegas are up to speed with technology.
    2008-07-19 07:54 PM