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    sorta ...

    I followed this post from another forum... called tmobile ... had them set the phone to a LEGACY phone ..

    and now im getting picture messages hahahah

    you get a link to the picture and thats that .. just dont send MMS or your account gets put back on to MMS

    Quick tip on T-Mobile MMS notifications.

    When tmobile accounts are first setup if someone sends you an MMS you will receive a text message stating that someone sent you a picture message and to view it visit tmobilepictures.com

    This web site for viewing MMS messages works quite well on the iphone. The problem is if you had an MMS capable phone on the account before the iphone you will not get these notification text messages. In addition if you ever send an MMS message with another phone or with SwirlyMMS on the account the account is automatically flagged as an MMS capable phone, which disables the notifications and attempts to deliver the picture to the phone. This results in no notification or action on the iphone that someone sent you a message, nothing ever happens.

    I called a couple times today to troubleshoot this issue with customer service.

    I had the data specialist set the flag on the account as a non-mms phone. I then sent myself a test and got the text notification that someone sent me a picture message.

    I then used SwirlyMMS to send a test picture message to someone and again sent myself a picture message and I never got anything on the iphone and the rep saw the flag get removed, making my account an mms capable one.

    Unfortunately if you want to be able to receive MMS notifications you can not send MMS messages with the iphone or any other phone with that SIM card in it since the tmobile network will automatically remove the flag once you send a picture message.

    For now if you want to use SwirlyMMS you will not get the inbound MMS notifications, if you want the notifications and don't care about being able to send MMS without breaking the notifications you can call tmobile and request them to set the mms flag. If you ever send an MMS again with that account it will remove the flag and you will have to call them again to reset the flag.

    I asked about an option to set that flag no matter what and they said at this time there is no way to prevent sending an mms from turning it off.

    but i can confirm this works .. I have gotten video and pictures this way ..

    I have a friend that works at tmobile who is trying to firgure out how to disable the flag for good on the account.

    if thats the case then we would be able to get and send picture message.

    hope this helps out someone as it did for me.

    again I found this on another forum.... and after calling tmobile twice they got it working.. Just tell them that you need to Have your phone on your account set to LEGACY
    2008-01-09 11:45 PM
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    Nice find dude. Keep up the work on that angle
    2008-01-14 12:11 AM
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    here's a lil something for u guys. as far as recieving picture msg's, you can always leave ur account flagged to recieve the text notification and then visit the pic site to view it. and when you send a pic msg you can actually open then pic, choose to "email" the pic and for the email i use the 10digit phone [email protected] for at&t users. there's actually a list. just put your friends wholenumber minus the 1 in front and then @whatever.whatever to finish it off. they get sent directly to your friend as a real MMS picture message. doing it this way allows you to still recieve ur MMS indication text from tmobile and you can carry this on til whenever.

    here it is:
    Verizon, @vzpix.com
    AT&T/Cingular, @mms.att.com
    T-Mobile, @tmomail.net
    Sprint/Nextel, @messaging.sprintpcs.com
    Virgin Mobile, @vmobl.net
    Amp’d Mobile, @vzwpix.com
    Alltel, @message.alltel.com
    2008-01-16 02:24 AM
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    For the record I am the one that posted this on hackint0sh.org.

    2008-01-17 01:58 AM
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    here it is:
    Verizon, @vzpix.com
    AT&T/Cingular, @mms.att.com
    T-Mobile, @tmomail.net
    Sprint/Nextel, @messaging.sprintpcs.com
    Virgin Mobile, @vmobl.net
    Amp’d Mobile, @vzwpix.com
    Alltel, @message.alltel.com
    Will add Metro PCS...
    Not the best carrier but cheap
    Also my GF in Key West has it and well let the Pic Texting beggin !

    Depending on device receiving the pic.
    Metro PCS 1 @metropcs.com
    Metro PCS 2 @mpcs.com
    2008-01-19 03:07 AM
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    i have a question i dont know if its been answered up there or not, but i put SwirlyMMS on my iphone and i dont know how to set it up.

    i also have T-Mobile.

    When i go to the SwirlyMMS setting, do i have to set up the following:



    if someone can give me the content that i need to put in there in order to get my SwirlyMMS working that would be great

    hope to hear from some one soon!!!
    2008-06-18 12:00 AM
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    APN: wap.voicestream.com



    That's right, here it is exactly how to do it. Notice username & password I left blank cos that's what you do on your phone. It works! I just can't figure out what i need to download now to view my sent mms pics?
    good luck.
    2008-06-24 07:45 PM
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    ...I just can't figure out what i need to download now to view my sent mms pics?
    good luck.
    Install 'movemms' and it will move the pic to your camera roll.
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    2008-06-26 12:55 AM
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    do not do what soulthoughts suggested.

    use IMMESS program from installer.app its a mms viewer and allows u to view/delete/save them to camera roll.
    1.1.1>1.1.2>1.1.4>2.0>2.1>2.2>3.1>3.1.2 blackra1n'd

    waitin on my white iphone 4
    2008-06-26 02:16 AM
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    I went into the installer and searched for IMMESS and nothing popped up. Where exactly is this app in installer?
    2008-07-01 06:04 AM
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    nice finding...

    but i have a diferent problem...

    When i sent picture MMS from my iPhone, it sends the picture in its full size (or it will shrink it to fit the 300K)....but if i receive ANY picture, regardless what size, whether it is over the 300k, or less than he 300k, I will only receive a small picture that is nowhere near the quality of the original picture that was sent to me...it get shrunk down to a 15-20k picture with a res of approx 180x160...no the original 2mp, 175k image...

    anyone else notice it???
    2009-09-20 10:03 PM
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    have an unlocked 3g , running 3.1.2 , working pretty good. lately my mms apn settings keep dissapearing. i reset them and a week or so later they are gone any ideas?
    2010-03-02 05:16 AM
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    I am having problems receiving pictures, although, I am able to send them. Can anyone help me? I have the same codes that are posted above, do I need to edit them or add something?
    2010-03-14 10:01 PM