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    I had the T-Zone plan working fine before the upgrade. For some people it still works and for others it does not. If you are like me and tried everything on this forum and other forums and are still having issues, you can try what I did as a last resort (because nobody wants to pay more for anything!) In the future the T-Zone hack may or may not work like it did pre 2.0. If you are having trouble and want your iphone to work, it is worth giving a try.

    1. CALLED T-mobile and had my T-Zone removed and the Total Internet added (19.99$)
    2. Changed the APN settings to internet2.voicestream.com
    3. Waited 5 min (Can take up to 48 hours) and everything is working.

    I also uninstalled the T-Zone BigBoss Hack, rest my network settings, then restarted my phone before calling T-Mobile

    The only app that I have been having trouble with is AIM. Everything else (Myspace, twinkle, zintin, pageonce, mobile news, shazam, aol radio. youtube, google maps, app store, cydia, etc..are ALL WORKING!

    With full signal speeds are decent (I live in Las Vegas)
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    Well that is interesting that you need to upgrade your internet plan to get all those working...I am on the 5.99 plan and everything seems to be working fine for me.
    2008-07-21 09:07 PM
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    I'd love if you could elaborate a little more on the total steps to get the Total Internet Plan working. I purchased it and my old plan (Sidekick Data Plan) was deactivated so I assume the new one is activated. I changed the APN to internet2.voicestream.com and left the user and pass blank. No go.

    Do I need the T-zone tweak installed from Cydia? Do I need to SSH in an modify any file?

    EDIT: OK, I guess I jumped the gun. I do have it working now with internet2.voicestream.com on the total internet package. I do NOT have the T-zones Tweak installed. I basically have a pwned 1st gen iPhone 2.0 and only edited the APN. That's it.
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    does this work with the Internet radio apps? Like Aol radio?
    2008-07-21 10:16 PM
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