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    ok so i have the blackberry plan with tmobile...and i just got an unlocked iphone...it had the 1.1.4(?) unlocked and jailbroken and everything was fine (except for youtube)..but my friend just updated it to the 2.0 update and now i dont know how to get the internet to work...when its on wifi the youtube does work now but i cant get the edge to work...i tried going to settings>general>network.... but then after that the only options i have are...data roaming, VPN which has L2TP, PPTP, ANDD IPspec. SOO if anyone can give me a lil step by step how to get my edge to work so that im not paying the extra 20$ a month for service it would be AWESOME!! thank you!!
    2008-07-27 02:13 PM
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    Sounds like something is not updated or jailbroken/unlocked correctly. In my pwned 2.0 1st gen iPhone I have: Settings > General > Network > Cellular Data Network. Here you can enter either wap.voicestream.com for the T-zones plan with the T-zones hack or internet2.voicestream.com for the Total Internet Add-on.

    Do you have either T-zones or Total Internet added onto your T-mobile account? Your not going to get edge service without at least paying for one of these.
    2008-07-27 07:13 PM
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    The symptom's you describe sound very much like the problems experienced in this post.

    2008-07-27 08:46 PM
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    2008-07-27 11:37 PM