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    Hey, I can't tell you how many threads I read telling me how to get Edge to work..

    All I got was that it wasn't connected to a cellular data network.. which made me mad. I wanted the internet, youtube, etc, on my iPhone.. after all, it is what I bought it for.. !

    Anyways, everyone told me "put your apn as internet2.voicestream.com" and it will work fine... WRONG!

    I got fed up and called T-Mobile customer support, they were awesome. I had the $19.99 plan added to my account, sure, not cheap, but if it works it works..

    So I called T-Mobile back and told them I couldnt' connect to the internet.. they told me to put internet2.voicestream.com as my APN.. so I didn't tell them anything and just did it.. maybe they did something on their end? Nope, didn't work. At this point i'm thinking possibly something with my iPhone.. who knows?

    Got another representative that seemed way more knowledgeable.. he told me to put internet3.voicestream.com.... not internet2. I asked him how come (at this point explaining what i've read / know) and he said the APN settings vary by location.

    I am in the Detroit area of Michigan.. so if you are having problems connecting to Edge, call tmobile and get the CORRECT APN settings, they do not care that you have an iPhone, and I found they were more then willing to help me out..

    Overall, i'm satisfied.
    2008-08-01 08:24 PM
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